The COTR Team!

Vallen King

Podcast Producer and Chick Whisperer

Before becoming the producer for The Chick’s on the Right show with Mock and Daisy, Vallen interned at the National Journalism Center and attended Towson University. She received her bachelor's in Communications and Minor in Electronics, Media, and Film.

Although she is a producer at Radio America headquarters near Washington D.C., she didn’t stray too far from home. She grew up in Southern Maryland where her high school was surrounded by tobacco fields and her summers consisted of hanging out on the Chesapeake Bay. She’s already had spinal surgery and cancer so she’s pretty much indestructible (which makes her perfect to handle all of the crazies that come after The Chicks lol)! Aside from that, she is a 24 year old photographer, dreamer, world traveler, middle child to a family of five, and the lucky best friend to many amazing people.

She was drawn to Mock and Daisy for their ability to be light-hearted, blunt, comical, and just all around straight up about anything and everything! Life is already too serious, and The Chicks remind her to laugh a little, live a lot, and take everything with a grain of salt.

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Karen Ashley


Although her name is Karen, she won’t complain to your manager (Karen jokes, anyone?). Writing has always had a special place in her heart, and she ensures it is devoid of political uptightness and pointless filters.

Karen is a single mother and has a beautiful nine-year-old daughter who is the catalyst for her motivation. Karen’s mini-me is ‘nine going on 19’ in many ways but their mantra is, “whiners are wieners,” and the word wiener gets them back on the laughing train fairly quickly. They are both suckers for cheesy one-liners and curse-word-zingers.

Karen works full-time but, even with all that she juggles, she’s intentional about finding the humor in everything she does. She can be professional with the best of them but she’ll always seize a “that’s what she said” joke in a hot second. When she’s not laughing about innuendos, you can find her curled up in a cozy coffee shop with a book in her hand and enough coffee to basically necessitate an IV drip.

Karen is pursuing her doctorate in healthcare policy and is nearly finished with a master’s degree in public administration with an emphasis in government and policy, and she also has a bachelor’s degree in Government with emphasis in legal studies.

Karen knows adversity, having grown up in a single-mother household on full government assistance, living in Section-8 housing, and even eventually living out of a vehicle much of her high school career. She worked odd jobs as a young teen to help keep her family afloat because she knew she had to face the music if she wanted to overcome her circumstances and achieve any of her dreams.

Karen has no patience for victimization or virtue signaling – she wants to contribute to real change with real expression. She isn’t interested in kicking rocks – she’d rather move mountains. She knows that when it comes down to it, whether you believe you can or you can’t, you’re right.

Rachel S.


Rachel S is an American expat currently residing in the UK. She lives with her British husband, whom she met while finishing her Bachelor’s degree in Iceland; she also spent a year in Ireland, and these experiences with foreign governments (plus a contrarian streak present since she was born) have had a profound influence on her libertarianism and conviction that the USA is the best country ever. Hands down. And that’s even without castles.

When she’s not thinking about politics or yelling into the void about “normal” tea, Rachel S enjoys comedy, dogs, and making cocktails. (She also spends time writing fiction, but to say she enjoys it would be a stretch. If she and her novel had a relationship status, it would be “it’s complicated.”) Hobbies also include pointing out that Elon Musk is African American. Rachel has a borderline unhinged love for Mumford & Sons, extensive Edgar Allan Poe collection, and encyclopedic knowledge of The Office (US). Now that she’s thinking about it, she might also have an obsessive personality.

Natalie Argyle


Natalie Argyle started talking before she turned one and never really stopped. She’s snarky, factual, and totally real. She despises hypocrisy and is a semi-pro skeptic.

As a kid, she attended both public and homeschool as circumstances and needs dictated. One day in high school she realized how meaningless that diploma really is, and decided she wasn’t going to waste her time. She took the ACT at 15 years old, left for Brigham Young University at 16, and graduated with a degree in Psychology (and a handsome husband) at 20. Interestingly, the only thing that her lack of a high school diploma prevents her from doing is enlisting in the military, so she just married a soldier instead.

Natalie is the proud wife of an amazing Army Officer, and thrives in a military lifestyle of flexibility, change, and patriotism. Her husband runs (and wins!) marathons, and she and their kids never miss a race. She’s a fulltime taxi driver for the kids, 10, 8, 6, and 2, who do gymnastics, wrestling, basketball, soccer, engineering camp, and a million other things. She carries on the tradition of assessing each child’s educational circumstances and needs, and thus is often a full-time homeschool mom as well. The Argyle family loves to be outside hiking, biking, four-wheeling, shooting, exploring, and playing.

Natalie was raised in the conservative Midwest and is deeply attached to lush greenery. She loves the sunshine and thinks it is the cure for most ills. A few years ago, she started writing publicly about the issues she was seeing in the world, and people appreciated that she said what so few are brave enough to say. Then one day the Chicks put out the word that they needed writers, Natalie sent in an epic application, and the rest is history.

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No one knows how to say her first name or her last name. Everyone mumbles incoherently until she stands up or simply calls her “K” for short. Ksenya is a woman who loves to live on the edge. She’s allergic to grass, but often has picnics or water gun fights in the park with her family. She’s allergic to dogs but has two of them. She likes to do her own handiwork, though she has no knowledge or experience, because it keeps life fun.

Ksenya is married to the military. One would assume it more proper to say she’s married and her husband is in the military, but after 16 years in the life she insists that she is indeed married to the military. K describes her husband as a fun hunk of man-meat. He is of Russian/Ukrainian/Jewish decent. His family arrived here from Russia in the 90s (legally). Though she’s been told that her husband must have brainwashed her with his white, male, patriarchal mind, Ksenya is pretty sure she has always had her own opinions. Their kids, while still kind of cute, are at an age that requires daily meditation to garner enough patience for their dirty rooms and know it all attitudes. Send thoughts and prayers.

In addition to writing for the Chicks, Ksenya teaches dance to children and adults. She manages to do so while keeping politics out of it; a rare concept these days, but it’s true! She absolutely believes that it’s possible to do a job without imposing your politics on children and that more people should try it.

Ksenya volunteers with local political groups, especially those involving local elections and the school board. She writes fiction in her free time, of which there is very little so she hasn’t written much. In the future, she plans to start a nonprofit to help young parents since she was at one point a single mom herself.

L.T. Conrad


L.T. Conrad (L.T. is short for Lyla Tate) is one of those 20-somethings you’re supposed to despise because of their blinding sense of entitlement and poor communication skills. Except… she checks none of the boxes of your typical, run-of-the-mill, Gen Z college student.

L.T. resides in the great state of Texas and is planning on pursuing a degree path in History (Benjamin Franklin wasn’t a president, just so you know). She hopes to be able to dabble in teaching, writing, and museum work (along with anything else that catches her eye along the way). The keys to L.T.’s heart are held by coffee, books, music, and her dog Beau (pictured). Beau is a very spoiled Boykin Spaniel, who enjoys a warm blanket and a good movie just as much as his mom.

L.T. LOVES listening to music and collecting vinyl records. Some of her favorite artists include Fleetwood Mac, Blondie, Prince, Joan Jett, and Tina Turner (this is not a complete list; odds are, if you can name it, she’s heard it, and she likes it).

L.T. also loves to hear both sides of an argument and enjoys spending part of her free time watching civil debates on the Intelligence Squared YouTube channel. She routinely has her mind bent into a pretzel while trying to make sense of the way that her peers take things at face value, and looks forward to sharing her experiences so that you can join her in detesting popular ideology from a safe distance.