About Mock


About Mock

Miriam Weaver (‘Mockarena’, Co-Founder)

Mockarena (or “Mock” for short, also answers to “whore shorts”) used to work in corporate Human Resources waaay back in the day, which makes no sense to anyone who knows her personally because nothing about her behavior is appropriate. She is the product of Polish immigrants, who came to the United States in 1969 LEGALLY and taught her about American exceptionalism and love of country.

Mock is a University of Kansas grad, but her college football allegiance is 100% to the 2021 National Championship winning University of Georgia Bulldogs, thanks to her husband being an alum (and also due to the fact that their colors make for better fashion choices.)

Mock is the proud mom of two (preemie!) boys, the eldest of which has severe cerebral palsy and the ability to melt even the coldest heart with his joyful smile. Her youngest is a lacrosse-playing, funny, impossibly handsome teen who mercifully has avoided being indoctrinated (so far) in the public school system, and has a solidly conservative head on his shoulders.

Mock has been infatuated with pop star Robbie Williams for as long as she can remember, and can now boast that she has been given a lap dance by him in Vegas (video proof right here!). Her latest crush is Governor Ron DeSantis, who she hopes becomes president, but her heart belongs completely to her husband of over two decades, with whom she plans to settle down in Low Country sometime in 2024.

Mock loves romance, the sound and smell of the sea, basically every creature with fur, and Long’s Donuts. She hates turtles, commies, vocal fry, and having mini-strokes on Valentine’s Day.