About Daisy


About Daisy

Amy Jo Clark (‘Daisy’, Co-Founder)

Before becoming a Chick on the Right, Daisy was a Medical Writer and Communications Consultant in the private sector for over 20 years, as well as an Adjunct Professor of Communications (and her students didn’t know her political persuasion, because SHE KNEW WHAT HER JOB WAS). She grew up in the South and considers Dolly Parton, Julia Sugarbaker, and Joan Rivers her spirit animal trifecta. Daisy attended University of Tennessee for undergrad school, and received her Master’s degree in Communications from Southern Polytechnic State University.

Currently, she resides on her family’s ranch in Texas with her husband, young daughter (the original “Chicklet”), two Great Danes, Brahman and angus steers. She’s also a proud stepmama to two wonderful stepchildren.

When Daisy’s not co-running the Chick empire with Mock, she’s most likely mommin’, enjoying her family and friends, doing chores on the ranch, adopting another random animal, dabbling in local Texas politics, reading something about health or nutrition, indoor or outdoor cycling, junkin’, upcycling vintage furniture, making jewelry, or listening to Zeppelin or some ol’ Waylon or Johnny Cash. She used to believe that Chuck E Cheese was the direct portal to Hell, but is now certain that it’s most definitely Twitter. She’s currently seeking out a 12-step program for her boot and throw pillow addictions.